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Forex Technical Analysis - Pregnancy Lines Trading Strategy

Pregnancy Forex rebate for yous are one of the most popular price action models among professional traders They have a high return on investment ratio thanks to the fact that they require a smaller stop loss than other models cashback forex really like to use highestrebateforex getforexrebate to analyze daily charts Forexrebateforyou markets with strong trends, because after years of analys rebateforexindonesia, pregnancy lines perform best in trending markets In fact, they can also be used as reversal signals  What is a Pregnancy Line?  A pregnancy line is completely within the range of the preceding parent line A pregnancy line is higher than the low of the parent line and lower than the high of the parent line (some traders use a broader definition to encompass the same pregnancy line) In a small range of time, such as in the hourly chart, a daily pregnancy line sometimes looks like a triangle Important note: Since a pregnancy line is likely to signal a breakout, I only enter a pregnancy line at the high or low of the parent line If I want to buy, I will place a stop loss order at the If I want to sell, I place a stop order below the low of the bus. The way I identify a pregnancy line is to see if it is contained within the bus, that is, I use the high and low of the bus to determine the range of the pregnancy line. If you see a continuous pattern of gestation lines that are all within the range of the previous bus, this is a sign that a strong breakout will occur What does a gestation line mean?  Pregnancy lines are like flashing lights, they suggest that a reversal or a continuation signal is about to appear. Pregnancy lines represent indefinite or consolidation Pregnancy lines are usually seen in important decision making positions such as consolidation of the markets main direction of movement, market inflection points and major resistance and support levels They can provide you with low risk levels or regular exit points In the next chart, look at a pregnancy line as a continuation signal followed by The continuation signal of a pregnancy line is more reliable and simpler for beginners, and the inflection point, or the reversal signal of a pregnancy line, can be left alone until you have gained reliable experience in applying your knowledge of Forex price behavior How to trade with pregnancy lines There are two ways to trade with the pregnancy line model: as a continuation signal or as a reversal signal. These continuing gestation lines are often based on the prevailing trend and recent momentum, leading to a perfect breakout. We can also see examples of gestation lines as reversal or inflection point signals Important note: there are two ways to set a stop loss on a gestation line and you must exercise careful judgment to decide the best one to trade the gestation line The classic and most common method is to set a stop loss above or below the high or low of the parent line There is no need to get hung up on where the high or low is from the bus, as 1 pip will not make a big difference in the long run. There is also a stop loss in a larger bus, although a larger bus in a pregnancy line is not what I would like to see, and sometimes it can work if you do. I prefer smaller gestation lines without a large bus because it shows more compression and a potential breakout If you are new to this, I would suggest you avoid large bus gestation lines As a continuing trend signal gestation lines The most logical time to use gestation lines is when there is a strong The most logical time to use a pregnancy line is when there is a strong trend, or when the market is clearly moving in one direction and then decides to stay for a short period of time. We can often see examples of good pregnancy models in the European and American daily charts where they form good breakouts within the dominant trendlines Insidebarsetupsthatledtotrendcontinuationmoves: pregnancy models that form continuing trend moves Insidebarsetup: pregnancy models Multipleinsidebars: pregnancy lines Combination Insidebarwithbigmotherbar:Pregnant line with large motherbar Pregnant line as a reversal signal Sometimes you can use a pregnant line as a reversal signal to trade at key chart levels Please note that you should only try to use this method once you have mastered the use of pregnant lines as continuation signals In the chart below, we can see a pregnant line as a reversal signal It is worth noting that the pregnant line forms at the This indicates that the market is hesitant to move higher and it is not clear that we can see a good downward move as the price breaks below the parent low of the pregnancy line The best time to trade pregnancy lines I only use pregnancy lines on the daily chart for the following reasons: In the daily chart, pregnancy lines are not worth trading if there are too many of them before the breakout is formed and they become very long. Pregnancy lines can be used on the 240 minute chart or on the daily chart, but I prefer to trade on the daily chart. Note how the pregnancy lines work in the following example, although they will not be as prominent, they are more likely to be profitable on the daily chart  Insidebarsonthedailycharttimeframe: Coilinginsidebar: Insidebar: Pregnancy line

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