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Forex masters talk about positive expectation trading systems

For traders, mathematical getforexrebate Forex rebate for you a very important concept this is the highestrebateforex of player rebateforexindonesias (when the expectation is positive) or the number of dealer Forexrebateforyou (when the players expectation is negative) depending on who wins more If I flip a coin with you, then neither of us has a win because the probability of both winning is 50% However, if you go to a casino cashback forex flip a coin and the dealer has to draw a tier, then you can only win back 90% of the portion you lost This is a situation where the dealers win is positive and your expectation is negative So focusing on expectation is not enough for any money management system to profit from over time Then you can only win back 90% of the part you lost this situation is the dealers number of wins is positive, your expectation is negative, then any money management system can not profit from it in a period of time so focus on the expectation is not enough to grasp the kind of positive expectation of the return with the number of wins (note that the number of wins is not the same as the rate of victory), you win more times than the number of losses in the premise that you have the number of wins, good If you dont have a winning number, you might as well donate your money to Project Hope. In trading, a winning number means more profit than loss, the sum of the bid/ask spread and commission, and no money management method can save a bad trading system. The most important thing is the interaction between win rate and odds to produce the expectation value we can know, when the win rate * odds > 0.5, this system single expectation value must be positive, in the construction of a positive expectation value trading system is the most basic first step such as (1) in the standard homeopathic trading, the win rate will be less than 50%, the odds are higher than 1, which is the same as using the win rate to exchange for profits The first step in constructing a positive expectation trading system is the most basic step such as (1) in a standard homeopathic trade, the win rate will be higher than 50%, the odds are lower than 1 Forex Academy Tip: The rest of the article needs to be logged in to continue reading Oh! Login Now

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