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Forex EA is just a tool

yesterday to go to the reservoir to play Road Runner, a guy and I bragged about h rebateforexindonesia Road Runner highestrebateforex more than 1000 yuan, how advanced, but unfortunately the road half a day he did Forex rebate for you road to the fish, on the contrary, my tens of dollars of broken rod also road to 3 co getforexrebatecidental mouth tell another story: there is an old man fishing in the river, a child walked over to see him fishing, the old man skill is pure, so it did not take long to catch a basket full of fish, the old man The old man saw the child was very cute and wanted to give him the whole basket of fish, but the child shook his head and the old man was surprised and asked, "Why dont you want it? The child replied, "I want the fishing rod in your hand. The child said: "This basket of fish Forexrebateforyou not take long to eat, if I have a fishing rod, I can catch their own, a lifetime will not be able to eat" insight: someone will say: so smart child is wrong, if he just fishing rod, then he can not eat a fish because, he does not know the skills of fishing, just have a fishing rod is useless, because the important fishing is not in the "fishing rod ", but in the "fishing skills" there are too many people think they have a fishing rod on the road of life, no longer afraid of the wind and rain on the road, so, inevitably will fall on the muddy ground as children look at the old man, think that as long as there is a fishing rod will have to eat endless fish, like staff look at the boss, think that as long as sitting in the office, there will be Rolling into the source of wealth now popular in the foreign exchange industry cashback forex this thing, that is, foreign exchange intelligent trading system, my friends around me are often asked to recommend me to make stable money EA to them, I myself will occasionally use EA, but the stable money EA really have? Maybe there is, but like I said above the story, even if I give you a set of EA, you can how? Many of my friends who speculate in foreign exchange, a little programming foundation, even the basic techniques of speculation in foreign exchange are not mastered to understand what EA, you can really make money this way? Even if I give you a set of world-class EA, you will use it? Im not saying that EA is not a bad thing, but Im just reminding you of the friends here, just like the story above, do not care what tools you use, each tool has the need to exist, we should not spend too much time to choose tools, but make good use of the tools we now have in hand, to find the use of its maximum value foreign exchange is also the same author: my brother called Shunyi

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