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Foreign exchange trading principles and 24 pieces of advice

foreign exchange futures getforexrebate a k cashback forexd of speculation in foreign exchange, I guess your futures here refers to the margin highestrebateforex or margin trading, and currency futures refers to the forward delivery, the currency as the commodity underlying, in line with the exchange rules of the contract trading orders, usually currency futures trading Forex rebate for you only the name of the underlying currency, but also the provisions of each contract trading period, the number, the Other factors such as interest rates must be hedged by gold trading, while futures trading rebateforexindonesia not choose to hedge, and choose delivery in the domestic speculative foreign exchange can go to the bank to open a foreign exchange trading account, the starting point of the funds of each bank is different, generally can be 5 * 24 transactions, strictly speaking, our bank for currency exchange, rather than trading in the domestic banks for the so-called foreign exchange transactions, the implementation of the T + 0 trading mechanism The foreign exchange Forexrebateforyou technical analysis and technical analysis of other markets are somewhat different, although you can also do technical analysis in accordance with the futures and securities, but you need to be clear that the foreign exchange market data discrete degree is much greater than the futures market, futures and securities market price linear relationship can be considered basically parabolic. But the linear relationship of the exchange rate in the foreign exchange market can only fall within the range of a certain hyperbola, in general, he is more in line with the conventions of the normal distribution, so in some range technical indicators will fail, on this point you should first consider the normal distribution of exchange rate changes interval, and then technical analysis we now say that the real market refers to the current exchange transactions launched by mainland banks, the virtual market refers to the margin trading, trading The amount can be enlarged according to the agreed leverage ratio Jahns 24 pieces of advice: 1) position: after you can continue to profit, the maximum position never more than 10%, that is, 1000 maximum open 2 single; 2) stop loss: after the order, must be placed at the same time on the stop loss level, 30-50 points is more appropriate, if you can not control, do not do; 3) trading frequency: 1 week if the transaction more than 2 times, it is excessive trading; 4) protection of profits: If a transaction floating profits ever reached more than 30 points, the expected market does not seem to have started, you should place the stop loss in the profit 10 points position; 60 points or more, placed at 40 points; 100 points or more, ready to go away; 5) trading with the trend: never buy and sell against the market, unless you judge the upcoming turn; 6) something not to do: can not see how to do ? If the short position, wait and see; if the profit, walk away at any time; if a small loss, but also to walk away; 7) trading objects: only do single-sided market, do not do the consolidation of the unfamiliar varieties of the single-sided market, better than the familiar varieties of the consolidation of the city; 8) diversification of positions: it is best to trade more than two currencies at the same time; I believe that it is best to do the most certain currency at the same time to do the euro system and the yen, is a good idea; 9) intervention method: as far as possible With the market price commission; if the market opportunity is not much, must be used; if the market opportunity is a lot, big need; with the limit commission, must be very market experience; 10) stop win: if the trend is very healthy, continue to hold until the trend is weak; 11) keep the profit: if the short-term account funds too much profit, either with time to grind, a short period of time not to trade; either open another account or take away the profit, the Account money K-line pressure to 5 days or 10 days to go; 12) fluctuations in profit-oriented: the reason for intervention in a currency, not for interest, interest in front of the fluctuations, is childs play; 13) cut off losses: if the current single is a loss, never add code, really can not get down, with a stop loss to cut it; 14) patience: if you place a single basis, simply because of impatience, can not wait that long, you will sooner or later be finished; 14) patience: if you place a single, simply because of impatience, can not wait that long. 15) risk-reward ratio: at least 1:3, - stop loss of 30 points, profit is expected to 100 points, success rate of 50%, do twice the net profit of 50 points; 16) stop loss: stop-loss orders can not be revoked; 17) trading frequency: the same as above; 18) buy and sell points: willing to buy the point, should also be willing to put the short back to cover the point, and vice versa, the transaction is continuous; 19) buy and sell Based on: the price level, not the basis for buying and selling; 20) add: if the previous single is not profitable, can not add; add should be placed after the breakthrough consolidation area; not in the capital K-line pulling big yang when adding; 21) the size of the plate: the euros rise and fall, than the other three species are small, the yen is the most active; 22) hedge: never use a lock position (a currency pair, while doing a long single do A short single) 23) long short: at the time of your intervention, should have already had their own judgment of the trend, the safer way is to do only one side; unless you judge the trend will be exhausted, do not do both sides; 24) plus code: not in the funds K-line pulling big yang when the code

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