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general investors often based on the entry advice Forex rebate for you buy, rebateforexindonesia highestrebateforex willing to follow the exit instructions dec getforexrebateively out of the smooth Forexrebateforyouf this mentality cashback forex not improve, even if the world-class foreign exchange trader to the investment advice, the same can make you face losses Again, professional operators always have an escape plan, if you always ignore these escape plans, you will I am always happy to share my research results with others but I never answer a question, that is, please ask where it will go up (down) to ah?  Whether it is foreign exchange, indices or individual stocks, this is a question I can not answer usually I will say I do not know yeah, or up (down) until up (down) ah hear this answer people will usually have two reactions, the first is to scoff, think my analysis power is just a little, otherwise is secretly unhappy, think I have a good idea are not willing to tell others These two reactions often make me First of all, if you are interested in studying the performance of price forecasters, I suggest that you do a statistical study of the results of a specific person to see how his predictions differ from the real performance? What is the average error? What is the probability of being correct?  You can find that the majority of price predictions made are inaccurate This has nothing to do with the analysts ability, but the prediction itself is an impossible task A responsible analyst, he should provide clear assumptions, and based on inference of the current market trend, and then advise the reader to follow the trend Secondly, as a trader, I never set any predetermined for the foreign exchange market smooth that is to say, in the decision-making process of professional operators, should not spend time on predicting the market, but should put all their efforts on measuring the real trend above the pre-set target price area is not only not helpful, but often will make operators face premature out of the loss of potential profit opportunities, and even operate against the trend, incurring serious losses. In the system of successful operators at home and abroad, there are clear principles of entry and exit, but rarely see someone can rely on prior prediction of price levels and really make a lot of money every operator should be most concerned about whether he has stood in the same direction as the market trend as long as he continues to check the matter fairly and objectively, then when the foreign exchange market reversal he will not miss In other words, the ability to accurately predict price levels, is not In other words, whether the operator can accurately predict the price level is not the focus of success or not, a sound entry strategy and operational discipline is the real key to those who want to be foresighted operators, I respect the courage of the performance, but we are seeking a low-risk, stable and profitable operating strategy as for those who scratch the head and guess the bottom of the work, or leave it to the stunt masters to play Forex investment analysis is a science, not metaphysics Since this is the case, we must get used to look at it from the perspective of scientific research In the scientific method, anything that happens has prerequisites and assumptions, and then we analyze the probability of the development of various possibilities, so we often see in our daily lives: a variety of figures, survival rate, wreck rate, success rate, rainfall; probability, etc. We must first clarify that price analysis itself is a science, so price changes must also have prerequisites Therefore, no matter whose investment advice you accept and decide to buy or sell, you must have a risk control plan and stop-loss strategy if you follow the investment advice after the loss, your heart is filled with if only anger If after the loss of the investment advice you followed, your heart is filled with if only anger, resignation, reluctance, bewilderment, these kinds of emotions, and can not be very decisive in dealing with the parts, you are likely to have analysts as a fortune teller with a crystal ball No foreign exchange trader can win all the battles but, earn more and lose less, decisive stop-loss pseudo-practices, but the professional trader and the general publics operating performance is very different

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