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Foreign exchange trading introduction how to see the opening price and closing price

rebateforex Forexrebateforyoudonesia Forex rebate for you, also known as the opening price, refers to a currency in each trading day after the opening of the first purchase and sale transaction price most financial exchanges in the world use the principle of maximum turnover to determine the opening price closing price refers to a currency before the end of the day trading activities of the last transaction price such as the day no transaction, the latest transaction price as Closing price, because the closing price highestrebateforex the standard of the days getforexrebate, but also the next trading day opening price of the basis for predicting future market conditions; so investors on the market analysis, the closing price is generally used as the basis for calculating how to see the opening price in the monthly, weekly, daily chart, the opening price is the continuation of the market trend of the previous time unit to open high, low, flat and the market trend of operation combined In the uptrend, the opening price high is a prerequisite for the formation of upward cashback forex, often weekly gap up is the beginning of the bullish characteristics of the daily gap will often have three: breakthrough gap, relay gap, exhaustion gap, these gaps provide the basis for judging the future direction of market operations Similarly, in the downtrend, the opening price low is a prerequisite for the formation of downward gap often weekly downward gap is the beginning of the bear market characteristics, and this gap appears at high levels should be more vigilant how to look at the closing price closing price is the result of the battle between the long and short sides on the time unit, the closing price of the high and low and the running trend combined together to see the plate, will make the plate more clear in the uptrend, the closing price is located above the 5, 10, 20, 30-day average system, indicating that the market In the uptrend, the market is in a strong run, in the early stage of the formation of this running trend in the market, boldly involved in holding will make the value-added hope to improve Conversely, the closing price is located in the 5, 10, 20, 30-day average system below, indicating that the market is in a downtrend, the market is in a weak run

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