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Foreign exchange trading in the three response strategy skills

rebateforexindonesia highestrebateforex trading in the three response strategy skills a, adhere to their own judgment rely on the sky getforexrebate rely on the ground Forex rebate for you better than rely on their own exchange rate fluctuations by many complex factors, including the impact of the foreign exchange people follow the psychology of the foreign exchange cashback forex is very big have this psychology of investors, see others have to follow the wind to buy, but also deeply afraid of lagging behind, in the case of Forexrebateforyou understanding the laws of the foreign exchange market, but also to carry out their own does not understand the Foreign exchange trading sometimes see others stop loss to leave the field, also do not ask others to cut the reason, it is confused to close their own hands after the potential of the contract single so often on those in the foreign exchange market to make waves of ill-intentioned people when, will often be swallowed by these people and regret too late Therefore, investors should establish their own sense of buying and selling foreign exchange, can not follow the will of others to follow the wind to listen to insider information may It is true that some people make a fortune, once or twice can, for a long time Im afraid will be killed by the sky and rely on the ground is better than rely on their own, rather than bet on others than their own judgment, even if the loss of money also lost understanding of all the insider news are related to the main force, want to borrow the power of the main force to make a fortune, but if the main force if foolish to even tell you about the bottom of the family, Im afraid he can not do the main force, inquire about the news was killed The original than the success of more than adhere to their own judgment, more research market less listen to the news Second, after continuous success to reduce trading Forex trading no long-lasting success, after continuous success, it is best to calm down to regulate the body and mind, look at the principle of things, research and study the success of the war whether there is still a shortage of especially when the surrounding people for your success a piece of applause, often perhaps the beginning of the failure to play steadily, step by step. Expanding the results is certainly a good thing, depending on what background, Cheng Biting Jin three axes, hit and run this trick can make foreign exchange investment to run but to lose half a leg, lose money Foreign exchange is both an investment activity and a mental activity, therefore, it is very stimulating but, if the stimulation into frequent trading, will suffer from "market disease" because In the unilateral market, the exchange rate tends to run along a certain direction for a period of time if the unilateral operation frequently won, often make people have a sense of achievement, and ignore the potential risks, once the direction reverses the loss of direction and trend sense once the trend changes, if frequent trading, such as licking the blood of the knife Smart investors often back in the success, especially continuous success, feeling like a fish in water, began to gradually reduce the frequency of transactions and The proportion of capital investment, or simply rest for a period of time, earn money to relax and relaxation is also desirable, and so energetic, and then battle the foreign exchange market, that is, to avoid the risk of failure due to feverish thinking, but also to save up energy Third, patience is more important than determination The last laugh is the best, the rush will be defeated, the foreign exchange market taboo speculation foreign exchange as on the car, the race to be first, afraid to catch the car, it is difficult to climb on the door, a big shock, and will unfortunately After falling, a short time is not up to pay attention to todays foreign exchange investment has a good market, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, so do not be too anxious, impatience can not eat hot porridge impatience and lack of patience is the common problem of many investors because the main purpose of investors into the market speculation foreign exchange is to make money, anxious to make money and get rich eager are understandable, the key is impatience itself does not help, but Harmful "impatience" is the biggest psychological misunderstanding affecting the success of investment, and "patience" is the best psychological quality of investors investment is the purpose of the future earnings, the meaning of investment contains the time factor, so foreign exchange investment needs time, need patience. The need for patience practice shows that the rush to get rich and chase the rise and fall is difficult to receive good results, but prone to operational errors can not see when the "quiet brake" is the best choice to wait patiently, the last laugh to laugh the best believe that people in the foreign exchange market more or less have had such a personal feeling: you should have calmed down carefully Think about the recent operation ideas, while others bought the currency rose, or the market appeared in a currency he had been concerned about a big rise, then he often think: "How did not buy it?" And missed a great opportunity to make money often can not hold back the impulse to operate the idea has not yet considered the case of mature and hurriedly kill out to kill into, lest miss the opportunity to profit

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