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Foreign exchange trading has the following behavior you are not far from losing money!

For ordinary traders, the long-term stable profit getforexrebate still a minority if there are the following kinds of cashback forexhavior, it should be Forex rebate for youed! The re rebateforexindonesiaon for setting such a goal, it is estimated that they feel their skills have reached a grade, heavy pursuit of windfall profits why not feasible? First, the light position will let you live a little longer, so you have ample time highestrebateforex opportunity to correct mistakes often heard friends say he blew his position if the position can be a little lighter, perhaps you can endure through the disorderly fluctuations of the stage, and finally can reach profit Second, the position determines the mindset, mindset determines behavior, behavior leads to the results must have heard someone 50 times in a day, 1 month turned 1200 times -- of course, is a simulated position but once the actual market was beaten back to the prototype -- the more eager to use a relatively large capital to double, want to use the compounding effect, the results then quickly burst ......2. After buying, the Forexrebateforyou rate fell, and then buy; then the exchange rate fell again, and then buy again such as shopaholics, as long as the discount are bought, do not care how much it is worth (when the exchange rate fluctuates in the opposite direction, and a long time hovering not to go back, think about it, why you think the obvious things, the market is blind to? (Either the market is crazy, or you stupid --- the latter probability is significantly higher) 3. several stop-loss were knocked off, simply do not set up, see how the market take me (may you will come back from the dead several times in a row, but as long as there is a currency price does not turn back, the amount of loss can be worth the loss of stop-loss was knocked off 10 times) 4. the closing price breakthrough, chase into! That night the exchange rate hit back, stop loss out of the game, it turned out to be a false breakthrough ten days later, the exchange rate broke through again, look at the plate to see 3 p.m., and finally decided not to chase that night, the exchange rate ride the wind and go, leaving only a hidden pain in the heart (trading speaks of probability, not the pursuit of 100% certainty was a false breakthrough deception is also part of the transaction, can not be because there is a traffic accident and do not drive if the single under the loss, then the loss Just a result, not a punishment) 5. other peoples words can not be used as the basis for your own single this time to follow the wind may earn, but do not understand their own analysis to draw conclusions, and ultimately difficult to escape the life of losing money 6. the exchange rate fluctuations are very strong (I do not know why) could not help but under a single, less than 10 minutes to earn $ 1000! Cant help but be proud: Bill Gates is nothing? (There is no more dangerous thing than this after getting used to gambling, the door to lose money has been open for you, not to mention 1,000, is to lose 10,000 also does not matter remember, gambling on just your good luck, do the right to be proud of todays fluke profit, his day big losses inevitable gambling on the right as well as do the right, control themselves, million) 7. Is 46,000,8, and is the U.S. dollar ...... as intended after playing, the next week immediately lose, a hundred tries (the daily goal should be, according to the established trading system to do a single or watch, rather than calculate all day long when you can earn how much money, the vast majority of people in the foreign exchange market capital increase or decrease is completely disorderly) 8. Finally, after 8. Finally, after a long time of fumbling, at least summed up a strict trading system, and ready to start next Monday to implement but today suddenly in the book to see the beauty of a certain indicator, hate to see, and tomorrow from a master traders sentence to realize the truth, excited so tirelessly committed to a set of "perfect" trading system winter to spring, the system is more and more "perfect". The system is becoming more and more "perfect", but the money did not earn much one day suddenly found that the original is the best, the average and k line has always been the fundamental from the end and back to the beginning

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