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Foreign exchange settlement and foreign exchange settlement process

Forex rebate for you getforexrebate bus rebateforexindonesiaess Forexrebateforyou diverse, but no matter which foreign exchange business for foreign exchange highestrebateforex cashback forex foreign exchange settlement process is a foreign exchange novice must understand the beginning of today to introduce you in detail about foreign exchange settlement and foreign exchange settlement process  real foreign exchange business in two of the most common two foreign exchange settlement, respectively, is the settlement of foreign exchange The next for you to introduce the two foreign exchange settlement and the corresponding foreign exchange settlement process:   The first settlement: settlement of foreign exchange settlement is the short for foreign exchange settlement, refers to the foreign exchange revenue will be sold to the foreign exchange designated bank, the bank in accordance with a certain exchange rate to pay the equivalent of RMB behavior, divided into three basic ways: mandatory settlement, willingness to settle the exchange and the limit The three types of settlement, whether to the company or to the bank, the water bill of settlement is a relatively important document, so foreign exchange investors should pay attention to save the water bill of settlement  the second type of settlement: translation into the accounts translation is only foreign currency translation transactions, refers to the enterprise will be recorded in a currency other than the currency of settlement in accordance with the value of the local currency transactions for translation into the accounts of the settlement method investors need to pay attention to The foreign exchange rate should be the spot rate of the previous year  there are two basic settlement processes for foreign exchange translation: one is the initial recognition and settlement of the difference between the initial recognition and settlement when the foreign currency transaction occurs; the second is to reconcile the balance sheet to the foreign currency transaction-related The translation of items

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