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Foreign exchange novices must know the foreign exchange terminology

fried cashback forex getforexrebate due to the daily fluctuations in the exchange rate Forex rebate for you not as large as the stock highestrebateforex, if the real exchange trading investment, the return is small use of margin trading to invest, foreign exchange investors can use the principle of leverage, a small fight, two-way trading, flexible operation, the following is a newcomer to foreign exchange must know the foreign exchange terminology trading parts, positions (POSITION): is a market Covenant, the initial part of the commitment to buy Forexrebateforyou sell foreign exchange contracts, buy foreign exchange contracts are long, in the hope of rising parts; sell foreign exchange contracts for short, in the hope of falling parts short, short selling, shorting (SHORT): the transaction is expected to the future rebateforexindonesia of the foreign exchange market will fall, that is, according to the current market price to sell a certain amount of currency or options contracts, and so the price falls and then replenish to close the position, so as to obtain a high price to sell This way belongs to the first sell then buy trading method (margin applicable) long, buy, for more (LONG): traders expect the future foreign exchange market prices will rise, to the current price to buy a certain amount of currency, to be a period of time when the exchange rate rises, to a higher price hedge the contract parts, so as to earn profits this way belongs to the first buy then sell trading method, exactly with short position Close, hedge (Liquidation): by selling (buying) the same currency to close the previous bought (sold) currency Margin (MARGIN): to ensure the performance of the contract and the guarantee when the transaction loss, equivalent to 0.5% (200 times) ~ 5% (20 times) of the transaction amount, the customer to return after the performance, if there is loss from the margin within the corresponding deduction hold: buy (from Cantonese) put: sell (from Cantonese) volatility: currency in a day oscillating amplitude narrow: 30 to 50 points of fluctuations range: currency in a period of time up and down the amplitude part: price coordinates upper gear, lower gear :Price level target. (above the price level is called resistance, below the price level is called support)  bottom: the important support level of the lower gear  long-term: a month ~ more than six months (more than 200 points)  medium-term: a week ~ a month (100 points)  short-term: a day ~ a week (30-50 points) unilateral market: about 10 days and a half of the market only up and down, only down not up bear market: long-term unilateral down bull market: long-term unilateral up up and down city: currency in a range back and forth, up and down fluctuations bull market: market volatility narrow trading light: trading volume is small, volatility is not large active trading: trading volume is large, volatility is very consuming up: up slow, down fast up, down: currency value due to news or other factors have breakthrough development stalemate: disc potential is unknown, the interval is narrow consolidation: a period of rise (fall) in the interval after finishing, fluctuations back to the file, rebound: in the price fluctuations in the general trend, the middle of the reverse market bottoming, bottoming: when the price falls to a certain location, a period of time fluctuations are not large, the interval is narrow (such as box finishing)  breakthrough: break through support or resistance (generally need to break through 20 to 30 points or more)  false break: sudden breakthrough support or resistance, but immediately turn back  for closing: closing  up, down: test price  profit taking: close positions for profit  panic selling: hear some kind of news to close positions, regardless of the price level good or bad  stop loss, the stop loss: the wrong direction, at a certain price level immediately close the position to admit compensation short covering: originally hold the market, because of news or data and go sell the market. (put into the market or put closed position)  long to cover: the market originally took the put market, and then changed to take the market. (Hold into the market or hold closed position)  single day turn: originally go to put (hold) the city, but the afternoon to hold (put) the city, and more than the opening price  selling pressure: the high point of the sell order buy gas: the bottom price of the buy order  stop eclipse buy: for the short direction in the foreign exchange market after selling, the exchange rate does not fall but rise, forcing the short had to make up a strong buy back lock single: is one of the common techniques of margin operations The same number of lots is held (buy) put (sell) drift single: is not in the same day after making a single (market) to close the meaning of the position

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