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Foreign exchange market masters eight operating tricks

regardless of the general market or a currency pair, cashback forex found to have fallen highestrebateforexlow the public recognized strong support, the day there getforexrebate a tendency to close Forexrebateforyou the negative, must be alert to the first, come prepared no matter what time, before buying foreign rebateforexindonesia to calculate the reasons for buying, and calculate the target of good shipping must Forex rebate for you blindly go in to buy, and then blindly waiting for the rise, and then blindly hedged second, must Set up a stop-loss point where there is a huge loss, are due to the entry of the market did not set up a stop-loss point and set up a stop-loss point must be implemented even if you just bought in on the hedge, if found wrong, should also be sold to do long-term investment must be the exchange rate can go bull foreign exchange for a long time, once the long-term decline, you must sell! Third, not afraid of falling afraid of the volume of some foreign exchange for no reason down and not terrible, terrible is the volume of amplification especially the dealer holding currency more varieties should never have a huge volume, if it appears, nine out of ten is the main force shipments so, the sudden release of any situation should be extremely cautious fourth, refused in the negative whether the general market or a pair of currency, if found to fall below the public recognized strong Support, the day there is a tendency to close in the negative, must be vigilant, especially the original trend of good currency pairs, once the negative may trigger the panic of the medium-term position holders, and a large number of selling some times, the main force even if you do not want to ship, but also the inability to support the exchange rate, and finally will fall, sometimes the main force itself will take the opportunity to ship out so, no matter what the situation, see the negative should consider shipping the fifth The technical indicators, only recognize a technical indicator, found bad immediately slipped to you 100 technical indicators simply useless, sometimes a thorough study of indicators, but also completely a foreign exchange trend in mind, found that the market broke the key support immediately go sixth, do not buy the problem currency to buy foreign exchange to see its fundamentals, there is no cause for concern, especially a few important indicators, to prevent the fundamentals sudden changes in the fundamentals to confirm the bad situation, cautiously involved, always alert seventh, the fundamentals of the subordinate technical foreign exchange is good, the form is bad will also fall, foreign exchange is bad, the form is good can rise even if the very large capital to do investment, the form is bad should also be at least 30% out, wait for the form to repair before buying into any foreign exchange can not be superstitious to family, friends and the motherland can be loyal, to foreign exchange, the Loyalty is stupidity someone bought 10 years ago deep development to today has not sold, I think it is not enough because if you really look at it, should be in the right price to throw out, and in the right price to buy again always hold the currency does not move, is the embodiment of laziness eighth, do not do the dealers sacrifice sometimes there is the news of the dealer, or the news of the dealers periphery, before buying can believe, but about the shipments must not believe the shipments are Own thing, any dealer will not tell you that they are shipping, so the shipments to be decided according to the plate, not according to the news to judge

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