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Foreign exchange investment buying and selling skills

Want to get profit Forexrebateforyou foreign highestrebateforex investment, the reasonable use of skills Forex rebate for you a very important part of then foreign exchange investment what are the skills? The following will be introduced for you 1. Using demo accounts to find the feeling of speculation in the investment market, any kind of meat is not a sure thing, speculation is certainly no exception so, before deciding to invest in foreign exchange, must be patient learning, step by step, you can first use a demo account to experience the feeling of speculation demo accounts rebateforexindonesia real accounts online operating interface and the use of methods exactly the same, Paojie is also real Investors can use the operation of the demo account, first familiar with the trading platform and operating methods and then gradually contact some of the fundamentals, technical aspects of just, to accumulate some trading experience and trading skills and finally according to their own profitability, decide whether to enter the market 2. In the foreign exchange investment market, opening is also known as open, is to buy a currency, while selling another currency behavior so, choose the appropriate level of exchange cashback forex and its timing to establish a position is the prerequisite for profit Establishment of a position seems to be a very simple problem, but in fact there are many mysterious opportunities, good grasp can also be a day into the money, grasp is not good, you can only watch their accounts on the funds gradually shrink 3. Participate in the transaction exchange rate in the light of the moment, the market fluctuations will be very small this in the currency market is called "sideways", from the point of view of trading, after the trend is clear chase into the market, the risk is minimal in the exchange rate when buying sideways, the trend is unclear, the probability of rising and falling 50%, then you may suffer losses after buying and selling the exchange rate does not rise or fall If trading is active, then the power of the market is not evenly matched between buyers and sellers, but one side can not support, the exchange rate fluctuates sharply if you buy the point is not good, will certainly be deep hedge The analysts in the commentary will often talk about the upper resistance level, below the support level, it can be seen that these two points are important for trading the exchange rate up to If this time the rising power is very strong, break through the resistance, the market is certainly to continue to go up if you can not break the resistance, the market is certainly the top of the fall back to find out the resistance and support, the operation of the market will be the previous failure to break the high point or location of the previous high point is certainly resistance, the previous low point is certainly support so that we can not break through the high point in Learn to find good opportunities from a variety of news. An experienced foreign exchange investor will analyze the news on the economic and financial aspects of the impact, decisive buy or sell a currency, so as to obtain more lucrative gains 5. correctly judge the top and bottom in the process of foreign exchange trading, how to judge the top and bottom is in the operation of the most basic viewing skills and important means of successful trading, especially in a currency continuous Up or down process, investors in foreign exchange trading, if you can determine the market is the bottom or top, then investors can minimize the cost of positions in the process of opening a position, to obtain the cost advantage of trading, to achieve very good returns 6. Many burn are used in this way to carry out the most basic analysis, the accuracy of this indicator is still very high getforexrebate is one of the basic technical indicators must be mastered in trading, often using simple moving averages, because it is the fastest understanding of the market, the easiest to see, and take the appropriate countermeasures simple moving average: is the closing price within a few days think home, and then divided by the number of days, you get An average and so on, the subsequent values continue to follow this method, you get a lot of average of these values together to form a straight line, which is a simple average General trading, 5 days, 10 days, 20 days, 30 days is an important basis for judgment of short-term operations 60-day average, 100-day average and 150-day average can be used as a basis for judgment in the medium term The 200-day SMA and the 250-day SMA can be used as a basis for long-term operations U.S. investment expert Mr. Granbys research on the SMA is very attainable, he created Granbys eight laws investors master these laws, the SMA will become a powerful tool in the hands Law principle: the exchange rate should always fluctuate up and down around the moving average, can not deviate too far if the exchange rate is too far from the average, it should return to the average (1 ) When the moving average from down to consolidation or up, the exchange rate has been from the average of the lower to upward breakthrough, through the average and continue upward, this is an important buy signal (2) the exchange rate continuous rise and continued above the average, or away from the average and suddenly fell, but did not fall below the moving average and will continue to rise (3) the exchange rate in a short period of time fell below the average, but then quickly back up to the average above At this time the average is upward trend (4) the exchange rate suddenly fell, down a considerable amount, has been far from the moving average, when the exchange rate began to rise again to touch the moving average The above four situations, is basically a signal to buy, especially the first for the signal to buy, enter the possibility of profit is relatively large (5) when the exchange rate from the rising trend began to flatten, consolidation or gradually fall, the exchange rate from the average line above the fall below the When the average line, this is an important selling signal (6) the exchange rate moved below the average line, then rebound to the average line, but failed to break through the average line and continue to fall (7) the exchange rate broke through the moving average line after not standing still, immediately fell to the average line below, when the average line continues to fall (8) the exchange rate rose quickly through the average line and away from the average line, the rise is very objective, may occur at any time to retrace the fall in these eight laws In particular, the situation expressed in (5) down the largest amplitude, encounter such a situation, should immediately stop loss such as the exchange rate did not break through the long-term average, or breakthrough and quickly pulled down below the average, or after consolidation is still no breakthrough, is a good opportunity to buy 7. grasp the details of speculation in foreign exchange trading process, there are many details that require close attention of investors, if you can grasp, you will earn More than others (1) carefully observe the habits of foreign exchange (2) pay attention to some of the global market holidays on the impact of the currency market

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