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Foreign exchange investment basic information 10

assum rebateforexindonesiag that investors strictly comply with the principles of buying Forex rebate for you selling transactions, I am convinced that you will cashback forex able to profit in the foreign exchange highestrebateforex reason Forexrebateforyou that the financial market is a highly disciplined professional field, the theory of the market and information analysis can slowly learn and practice, in doing transactions more than one point of caution, adhere to the principles will be more than one point of opportunity to win so comply with the principles of buying and selling to run a predetermined trading plan The following points are provided to investors for reference: 1, know your character and ability as the saying goes: know yourself and your enemy, a hundred battles will be won we need to know your character, understand your strengths and weaknesses, to play properly in general the market common failure type of investors have the following two categories: A. Tough faction: investors can getforexrebate rely solely on the spirit of fearlessness and indestructibility think they can be in The financial market across the sea, even if there is more margin as a backing, but if you can not calmly analyze the strategy not set down when the counter-trend, although constantly increase the code eventually still inevitably a defeat B. Cowardly faction: this category of people are mostly acting too carefully, will not make more money or more losses will only continue to feel in the edge of the market, not in accordance with the rules of buying and selling entry, in the time of the counter-trend and do not admit defeat will become the markets big losers understand their own character, prepare before entering, comply with the entry and exit predetermined goals, you can earn due profits and avoid unanticipated risks 2, the situation is not clear to take a wait and see in the decision to buy or sell foreign exchange before, must maintain an optimistic view of the market, must have sufficient investment information, market information and a calm and relaxed mood 3, safe stop loss is expected to save investment strength, reduce the possible incurrence of buying and selling errors Loss stop-loss single role in the entry after the occurrence of danger can help investors close their positions as soon as possible to leave the market, of course, stop-loss single can not just set, but as long as there is clear information before entry to prepare to assist, and in accordance with the principles of the order, you can reduce the unanticipated losses 4, avoid counter-trend proverbially said: with the trend of life, counter-trend is dead is justified in the foreign exchange market can be changed to with the trend to earn, counter-trend loss is also justified We should be careful to observe the market, coupled with objective basic analysis, supplemented by the technical analysis of the historical trajectory, you can enter with the trend 5, the idea is established do not be swayed by the entry should bear in mind the principles of buying and selling, the original set of good investment plan must not be changed at will, personal funds are different, the tolerance of the market risk is not the same, should comply with their own plans, should not just listen to the opinions of others and change 6. Do not lose a lot because of the small, want to do before and after our entry should be the first predetermined buy or sell price, profit and stop-loss point but this is only a forecast, do not be too bound to a particular price as long as the deviation in price is not far from the original target price set, should follow the trend to make the final decision to buy and sell 7, entry error should not be long to keep the market trend if there is a reversal and the established plan is different, it should believe the facts because the foreign exchange market Is a global, many participants, any unexpected situation may occur Do not subjectively find excuses for themselves, do not admit defeat is the market soldier taboo If the market reversal found after entry, not only do not admit defeat on the contrary, and then increase the code to try to retrieve, again and again to increase the code up, may be the bigger the hole, resulting in greater losses 8, profit may be allowed to grow Many investors tend to only stop loss, but do not Know how to hold the profits allowed to grow the art of the market, although variable, if there are profits in hand as long as you wait patiently for the target price, supplemented by stop-loss orders with the profit ceiling can grow when the trend 9, the situation is favorable when the pyramid chase when the target price has been reached and profits in hand, and the market trend to confirm their favorable, you may wish to use the pyramid buying and selling to add to the chase, this investment strategy often brings very considerable 10, the news occurred or expected to occur when the field, once confirmed quickly leave the field this method is not to seek technical, investors just advance the use of market expectations psychology into the field, wait until the news is confirmed will be parts closed out of the foreign exchange market is a typical psychological market expectations, when the expectations are increasingly high, investors should follow the psychological expectations to do transactions, when the expectations are confirmed, most of the original long or short positions will This market behavior makes the economic principles can not effectively predict the exchange rate trend

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