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Foreign exchange in the support and pressure levels in the judgment skills

essentially, the currency trend Forex rebate for you the result of the war between the long highestrebateforex short sides, only the difference getforexrebate the scale and duration of the war when the multiple forces prevail, go up, when the short force is strong, to the decline in the long and short entanglement, holding, it is horizontal, there is no trend, there is no deviation from all levels of operation must be built in a controlled trend However, there are also pseudo-army because of the strategic need to fight, that is, the legendary fake breakthrough, but this battle, from the duration and the troops invested, especially the pace of retreat, you can see that the trend of true or false, is a real breakthrough, or a false breakthrough understand this, the concept of rebateforexindonesia is also very clear as the two sides fighting, also divided into several lines of defense, the arrangement of different forces, the main leader is the regular army, because of the interests expected to assemble in The forces at each price level is the militia, and not subject to the control of the main force, the main force can do, is to give everyone the benefit of expectations at the critical time, to induce everyone to come together this divergence of mind, the formation of the so-called resistance and Forexrebateforyou common several key resistance when the short side of the force is strong, the long side of the force is weak, the natural formation of greater resistance in practice, the following areas are easy to form resistance: 1, integer gates Integer gates are prone to form common booster levels, such as 11.50, 12.00, etc. The broader market is, integer gates, such as the two days of 3000 points, 2900 points, and so on 2, the cashback forex days closing price area if the day opened low, then the previous days closing position near the formation of resistance This is because, after a night of thinking, through the collection of bids, the long and short sides to the previous closing reached a consensus, the day opened When there will be a large number of stockholders to participate in bidding transactions at the previous closing price, if the exchange rate opened lower, indicating that the sellers strength is slightly stronger in the rebound, on the one hand, will always be hit by new selling, on the other hand, in close to the previous closing, the morning accumulation of selling will automatically form pressure 3, if the opening, the strength of the short side prevails, the multiple and war and retreat, then the next rebound to each of the engagement area near the formation of resistance did not reach a high point The investors are depending on the breakthrough situation to operate 4, the average position due to the 5-day line, 10-day line technical school extraordinarily valued, once the foreign exchange rally to these price levels near, there will be the so-called technical school of short term customer selling, the formation of great resistance 5, the previous high point of the exchange rate area before the reason for the high point, because here there is an obvious selling out, when the exchange rate is blocked here to fall back and rise again, once close to the previous High point, on the one hand, the bottom of the profit-taking disk, to sell, in addition, the previous high point of the hedge to sell, so the formation of pressure 6, the previous low point of the exchange rate region the previous low point indicates that the buyer force is strong, and when the exchange rate falls through this point, there will be a considerable number of people more than turn short thus leading to the exchange rate dive, because of the short time, undealt selling will be in this precipitation, rebound to this point will meet resistance of course, there are other The resistance area, but mainly these six kinds of identified resistance area in order to sell at the highest point or the next highest point, generally can be identified in the resistance area before selling my experience, generally do not hang sell orders at integer levels, such as 10.00, but rather choose in 9.99 or 9.98 yuan, increasing the chance of a deal or, when the exchange rate slides from a high, in the second close to this high point when selling common several key Support position when the short force long drive, as the exchange rate falls, the identity of shorting will gradually decline, the air force alliance will also gradually disintegrate when the long and short forces to form a new balance, after repeated struggles, the exchange rate can no longer fall, the formation of support 1, todays opening price if the opening higher, it will fall back to the opening price, because the buying deposit more, the formation of support, the formation of the reasoning and the region The resistance of the same reason 2, the previous days closing price if the exchange rate from the high back down, in the former closing price at the support is also stronger according to yesterdays market conditions, the long position at this price laid out a heavy force, once the short wading here, is bound to encounter consumption 3, the average position is mainly the 5-day line, 10-day line, etc. 4, the low point of the previous exchange rate low point area formed in the previous period will generally become peoples psychological support, the reasoning is also the same as the resistance area 5 The previous exchange rate high, the previous high resistance, once effectively crossed, because of the accumulation of more buying, so when the fall again, will generally get support 6, integer hurdles such as the exchange rate from 10.7 points down to 10.6, naturally cause people to sell, break 10.6 points is not easy, the exchange rate from the high down to 10 yuan will also get support in practice, the judgment of support is to fight for the fact that the low area to buy In fact, support and resistance is a contradictory community, the original resistance, after a successful breakthrough by multiple parties, it becomes support, the original support, after a breakthrough by the short side, in turn, can also form resistance in practice, the larger the period of the selected K-line, the greater the practical significance of support and resistance to small-period K-line, the resistance and support, the more important to study and judge the trend of the market main force to do the disk, but also according to the psychology of retail investors Induce, sometimes often 1 cent difference, the trend is a complete reversal in fact, the largest support in the main force is the details of the so-called trend forced, as long as the trend is formed, all the support and pressure, as thin as white paper 

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