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Foreign exchange EA uncovered foreign exchange intelligent trading technology in the end is not reliable

Forex rebate for you getforexrebate ExpertAdvisor (EA for short), essentially a computer program, is written by the programmer accord highestrebateforexg to the Forexrebateforyou strategy and ideas written into a computer program, and then the program will be implanted into the trading software, the program will be based on the established trading strategy for automatic trading So, how is the current development of foreign exchange EA intelligent trading technology? Is it reliable to use Forex EA for trading or rebateforexindonesia? After many people contacted this tool, but experienced retractions, losses, and even burst positions eventually they lamented: EA are garbage, EA cashback forex not make money, EA are scams!  Is that really the case? Lets take a look at the worlds financial centers: in London, England, the birthplace of finance, a senior trader in the test of a large number of EA are failing, to the boss question: is there no stable and profitable EA? EA is the result of technological progress, his birth can be said to be revolutionary, irreplaceable for financial center traders, the birth of EA is undoubtedly their gospel EA can help traders to execute some repeated transactions, in strict accordance with the strategy to execute orders, not only to free up hands, to avoid mistakes that lead to Losses, to avoid emotional trading, to achieve quantitative trading, programmable, greatly improving the efficiency of the transaction So, with EA is it possible to make money lying down? Answer: No! I was asked the most questions is: how about your EA? Is it stable? Guaranteed profit? What strategy? How much is the retraction? In fact, many people still have a big misunderstanding about EA: If EA is so good, why have EA but can not lie down to make money? Because EA is essentially just a program, a trading tool, the program is set up to vary from person to person, just like different manufacturers of cars, although they are cars, but some good performance, some poor performance, some high fuel consumption, some very fuel-efficient Therefore, EA is a product of revolutionary change, but not all EA can meet your expectations, not with EA can make money lying down The key to this question is: what is your standard for judging the EA good or bad foreign exchange market is ever-changing, trading strategies are also different, 10 people have 10 trading methods, different standards of judgment, the conclusion is also different if our standard of judgment is: making money, then as long as the EA is making money is a good EA. If we determine the criteria is the process of trading, then as long as the transaction process is reasonable, reasonable position control EA is a good EA, if we determine the criteria is a single, then a single large amount of EA is a good EA Why I emphasize here EA good or bad judgment criteria, because, the same EA, different judgment standards of people to look at the conclusion is not the same If your standard is not to lose money, less profit, then the retraction of the large EA in your eyes is garbage; if your standard is a high return, retraction can be enlarged, then the return of less EA in your eyes is garbage We often see, someone on the network cursing: EA are garbage; EA are scams; how can you use EA to make money? In fact, such a statement is biased because EA is just a program, a trading tool; just like a car is just a means of transportation, we only see someone scold: a certain brand of car is not good, a certain model of car is an oil tiger, no one will scold: cars are garbage, cars are scams, how can you use cars instead of travel? And which scold EA people like scolding the car as a tool is the same reason can not be because encountered a certain EA does not meet your expectations to deny the entire EA technology field There is no unified judgment standard? In fact, do investment people, most of them are the pursuit of: small risk, stable profit; a small part of the pursuit: three months doubled, a year on the peak of life; there is a part of the pursuit of brush single, high-frequency trading … … today we are going to start from the majority of peoples standards to determine the criteria for judging good or bad: stable, small risk then we can go to analyze the EA good or bad, to meet this Standard EA generally has the following characteristics: 1, not a single trading strategy: different trading strategies to deal with different unexpected quotes, not a strategy to go 2, small positions: relatively conservative positions, controlled within a reasonable range (here the reasonable range refers to 20% or less) 3, with a stop loss: each single with a capital stop or point stop, with a capital warning line, will not carry a single 4, add appropriate positions: control in Position allows a reasonable range of 5, human intervention (important): there must be human intervention, a good EA can not be fully automated operation, because EA is just a program, and then perfect set up can not think like a person with the ability to think, to deal with the changing market, so human intervention is extremely important in addition to the above 5 most important judgment criteria, there are other EA indicators, parameters and other criteria, to foreign exchange EA software technology EA, for example, in addition to meeting the above 5 points, but also to join the risk warning mechanism, before the major data quotes will be alarmed in advance because each EA settings are different, here we will not look into the EA in China began to use so far, mixed, can really use EA to achieve stable profitability is really not much, the market appeared in many claims of three months a year doubled and also 0 risk EA 90% are false, if you do not believe, you can use your hard-earned money to try the true or false Then, with a good EA is not to take home their own run? EA is not a simple software, just click on it can be used, a good EA is composed of many complex indicators, parameters, before the EA starts to run need to set parameters according to the account capital and expected risk, and each parameter set differently will lead to differences in the final results of the account in the EA running process also involved in manual intervention if you want to run their own EA, then you on the You use the EA parameters, principles should be like a good understanding of the use of the EA will be comfortable with many investors with a good vision of the EA, spent a lot of money to buy the EA, their own run after the effect is not satisfactory, and finally said: EA are garbage in fact, it is like not getting a drivers license to drive on the road, encounter traffic accidents do you want to blame the car bad? So, EA this tool in the eyes of those familiar with him is the sword, in the eyes of those who will not use it is garbage and foreign exchange EA software technology of MGtradingEA, currently limited to the generation of running cooperation for the same reason, even if handed to investors to run their own, can not play well the role of EA Finally, lets look at the application of EA in different countries: 1, the United States. Most Wall Street traders are using EA, the use of EA has become a routine 2, Japan, Japan is a country where all people speculate on foreign exchange, many people will use EA and the pursuit of stability 3, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom as a foreign exchange regulation is very strict country, the investment in innovation of trading technology is also very huge 4, Australia, in Australia, 20% of foreign exchange traders use EA trading, and rarely lose money 5 Russia, EA technology is also located in a mature level 6, Cyprus, trading technology is very rich, EA of course, there are also very powerful 7, Mauritius, once had the worlds most bull EA, but now is copied beyond the 8, China, cottage EA gathering place 9, South Korea, South Korea almost do not understand EA, can only buy foreign technology to operate 10, India, India IT is the most powerful. But when it comes to EA they deal with a mess!  

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