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Foreign exchange basics the basic composition of the foreign exchange K-line chart

forex trad Forex rebate for youg charts, a rebateforexindonesia getforexrebate recorded in a day of highestrebateforex changes, Forexrebateforyou the daily K-line according to the chronological arrangement together, the composition of the historical movement of the exchange rate, cashback forex K-line chart K-line chart is also known as candlestick charts (CandlestickCharts), or candle curve chart, originated in the eighteenth century in Japan The rice market in Japan at the time was used to indicate the movement of the price of rice, later because of its unique method of marking, and therefore widely quoted in the financial markets a K-line contains four information: the opening price, closing price, the highest price of the day and the lowest price of the day according to this information we can draw the K-line chart components: the upper shadow, the lower shadow and the middle entity part of the rectangle in the middle is called the entity, the shadow line in the entity The upper thin line is called the upper shadow, the lower part is called the lower shadow entity divided into positive and negative when the closing price is higher than the opening price, the entity part is generally painted red or blank, called the positive when the closing price is lower than the opening price, the entity part is generally painted green or black, called the negative according to the time to divide, we can divide the K-line chart into daily (K) line, weekly (K) line, monthly (K) line, part of the ultra-short term trading Investors will also use the minute line and hourly K-line is a special market language, different forms have different meanings, but technical analysis has two sides, the advantage of foreign exchange K-line is to be able to analyze the changes in the foreign exchange market, the amount of information, forex trading to predict the direction of the foreign exchange market more accurate can be a comprehensive and thorough observation of the real changes in the market we can see from the K-line chart, both stock prices (or the market) trend, but also to understand the daily fluctuations in foreign exchange prices

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