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There Forex rebate for you an old Ch getforexrebateese saying, practice makes perfect, skill makes perfect in the ever-changing highestrebateforex, always find your own suitable method, in some currency prices reach a certain price level, you can judge what should be done, and do not need to look at the chart after the transaction, so you can do the inspired judgment, rebateforexindonesia may be the sixth sense it If you are busy, the Forexrebateforyou rate suddenly changed, and the fluctuations are very Dramatic, and this is you may have a position in the presence of the possible set, if you look at the technical analysis tools, is simply too late so you need to make a timely judgment, this judgment requires a certain rate of correctness, if you just stop loss out of the game, but not 2 hours later, the exchange rate up again, it is really two heads beaten The worlds leading trading master Marcos had a similar lesson when he was in the The German central bank to intervene in the market which at cashback forex time he was doing well, bought a lot of marks, the German central bank suddenly decided to enter the field to punish speculators, Marcos master called, learned that 5 minutes lost 2.5 million U.S. dollars, quickly cut the single out of the field, rather than sitting around waiting for 2.5 million into a loss of 10 million yuan, but half an hour later, the fall in the exchange rate all up again but then The master has no fighting spirit, has no mind in the chase to buy but in hindsight, he felt that the cut single stop loss out of the field is right but after the fact back up, the heart is always bad, no chase to win but not desirable in the experience of this lesson, Marcos master of risk control has been vigilant, he believes that if you find that the market is not good for you, must hurry to stop loss out of the field, no matter how big the loss. In order to save your life, that care how heavy the injury is, as long as the life is still there, there is the power to rise again, if you lose all at once, how can you earn back the loss again?  In such a transaction, the master of the market has its own unique insights, sometimes the market changes in his intuition can be judged to, this is his victory over ordinary people this is the continuation of his years of experience is also the capital of his proud record Every masters intuition is very spiritual, which helps him judge the market is incomparable to ordinary people, courage is also very important, to try, dare to lose, to dare to win when it is not smooth must be Hold on to become a master does need inherent skills --- that is, talent, can also be called inspiration, like a great violinist, to have a sense of music, do foreign exchange to have a sense of exchange but this talent may be born, but as a capable money maker is a skill that can be learned They can operate in the foreign exchange market, remember the exchange rate at many points in time, when you ask to the recent trend in the exchange rate, he can not look at the technical analysis software. He can judge the trend of this market without looking at the technical analysis software, and always one step ahead of everyone, so as to do better than the norm Master Marcos in his career as a trader, he developed a keen sense of the market, in 1979, the price of gold rose from $400 to $900, the master out and out, profitable the day the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, he saw this on TV news, called Hong Kong to find the gold price has not moved, immediately bought 200,000 ounces, a few minutes after the news spread, gold prices rose sharply, he made tens of millions of dollars at once, this is the master with a step faster than normal and earn big profits so far the master to visit Hong Kong still dare not visit the gold exchange, that time the people who suffered losses are still remembering him So, my friend, you want to do a master in the exchange market, may wish to seriously Read some of the masters story, from their middle to find some of their own trading helpful experience, so that you may also find the inspiration to do foreign exchange

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