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Do not listen to rumors when entering the foreign exchange market

Do highestrebatef cashback forexex l getforexrebateten to rumors when enter rebateforexindonesiag the foreign Forexrebateforyou Forex rebate for you, investors in foreign exchange trading, the market judgment must be based on a thorough basis, do not blindly listen to the news or superstitiously believe in some currency reviews and enter the market trading, which will bring the trader itself a considerable loss, the consequences will be unimaginable Foreign exchange market compared to the stock market and other investment markets, is the Relatively fair market, the human operation of the difficulty but at the same time, the foreign exchange market and other investment markets, filled with a variety of true and false intelligence how to remove the false from the news to save the truth, to make the right judgment, is the necessary quality of foreign exchange investors like the U.S.-Iraq war, the euro rate cut, the trend (at least short-term trend) is often contrary to the prior public opinion Therefore, as an ordinary investor, because of information Therefore, as an ordinary investor, because of information channels, the scope of interaction, technical level of the limitations, often easy to fall into such a trap in order to avoid stepping into the wrong area, the best way is not to believe in major events out before the public opinion, to be out of the news, the trend of stability, and then enter the market is not too late investment market after all is easy to lose money, hard to make money want to remain undefeated, can not rely on the big, but should rely on accurate grasp of the time rather than miss the time, but also to ensure the accuracy rate investors to carry out Foreign exchange trading, in addition to the information to have their own certain judgment, and then do not easily superstitious others of the foreign exchange market, or other investment markets, the gods do not exist even if many famous investment institutions, a large number of elites gathered, it is difficult to ensure that only win not lose my own is also responsible for drafting the daily companys investment advice, but because of time constraints (must be delivered before 12:00 every day), they also I feel that some of the analysis is not sufficient, but the long-term focus on the currency, often confidently strong, so when looking at a currency review, pay attention to the drafting of the currency review of which currency is better, in which phase (unilateral potential or oscillating potential) more accurate, understand these, coupled with their own judgment, the accuracy rate will be greatly improved

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