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Do a good super short to have a super psychological

  speculation Forex rebate for you to speculate on the heart, speculation realm good m getforexrebatedset is the soul of investment, its importance is evident good rebateforexindonesia Forexrebateforyou bring good operation, good operation will bring a good mindset, thus forming a virtuous cycle cashback forex a bad operation if you affect your mindset, a bad mindset will make the next operation worse, thus The importance of maintaining a good state of mind is self-evident for the super short term, and even say that maintaining a good state of mind is the first element of success or failure of super short term sniping So, how to develop a good state of mind? First of all, it is still necessary to talk about the bad mindset only to eliminate the bad mindset a good mindset in line with the super short term will slowly form, so that you are comfortable in the stock market bad mindset boils down to fear and greed fear mainly in the buying stage, manifested as doubt, waiting, give up, regret, excitement, chase into when a stock reverses from the bottom up, many investors are suspicious of it, why? Because the human perception in time has a certain lag, which is usually called inertia and then is waiting, waiting for the technical point in line with its entry, but due to bearish thinking, when this technical point appears investors will generally think that the stock price has been high, there is no need to enter the field, so give up and when the stock continues to rise, investors will regret their initial technical entry level in the establishment of why The stock price continues to rise, the investor finally from regret to excitement, recklessly jumped in, but because they did not catch the middle part, or into the head, the risk is self-evident. Greed is mainly expressed in the selling phase, manifested as imagination, waiting, expectation, disappointment, fear, cutting meat general investors will buy a stock to imagine, imagine that the stock will rise to how much how much yuan, in fact, it is this imagination affects your selling operation imagination is waiting, waiting for the stock price to continue to rise However, the stock is topping back down, but the investor is still looking forward to, expecting the stock to However, the stock is slowly sliding down, so the investor is disappointed from the expectation to the stock from slowly falling to accelerating down, the investor began to be afraid, and finally finally cut the meat in a hurry unfortunately, the stock may be at the bottom of such a series of blind entry and cut, how will not mess up the mindset of investors? Know the wrong mindset, we must develop a good mindset 

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