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Basic Candlestick Pattern

Basic C F getforexrebateex rebate for youlestick Pattern A gyroscope with a long upper shadow and a small candlestick with a long lower shadow Forexrebateforyou called a true gyroscope Its true body color is not very important The pattern indicates indecision between highestrebateforex and cashback forex A small true body (whether hollow or solid) shows that from the opening to the closing rebateforexindonesia rarely goes up or down, the shadows indicate that the two buyers and sellers are fighting, but no one can prevail Although the opening has and the closing has not changed much, the direction may be significantly higher or lower either buyers or sellers prevail. The price is significantly higher or lower during this period whether buyers or sellers have the upper hand, the result is a stalemate If the spinning gyroscope goes up, it usually means that not many buyers stay and the direction may reverse If the spinning gyroscope goes down, it usually means that not many sellers leave and the direction may reverse The trajectory list sounds like some kind of voodoo magic? Ill cast a track list evil spell on you! Fortunately, thats not what a track list really means A track list means that the body has no shadows It depends on whether the candlestick is solid or hollow, open or closed, and whether the high and low prices are the same Look at the picture of the two types of track lists The white track list contains a white body with no shadows The opening price is low and the closing price is high This is a very optimistic candle because it indicates that buyers are in control It usually becomes the first part of a bullish or reversal pattern The black trajectory list contains a black body with no shading The opening price is high and the closing price is low This is a very pessimistic candle because it indicates that the sellers control the entire market It usually means a bear market or bear market reversal Doji Doji candles have the same opening and closing prices, or at least their bodies are very short Doji should have a very small body like the thin line Doji candles imply indecision or a positioning struggle between buyers and sellers during the open, with the open price moving above and below the price but close or very close to the open price either buyers or sellers get control and the result is basically a draw Doji has four special types of candlesticks with different lengths of upper and lower shadows resulting in the same candlesticks are inverted crosses or plus words crosses refer to singular and plural forms When your chart consists of crosses, pay special attention to the front candlesticks If the crosses form a series of hollow, long-bodied (like a list of white trails) candlesticks, then buyers will become increasingly depleted In order for prices to continue to rise, more buyers are needed, but there are none! Sellers use their own stamp and expect to drive the price back down If the Doji forms a series of filled long solid (e.g. black track list) candlesticks, then sellers get more and more depleted In order for the price to continue to fall, more sellers are needed, but there are none! So the buyers have the opportunity to get a cheap buy although the lack of new buyers has caused the price to fall, more buying power is still needed to find a white candlestick and close the black candlestick mentioned above In the next section we will take a look at how they tell us to take specific candlestick formations, hopefully with this candlestick lesson you will know how to identify good trading patterns in candlesticks and use this as a basis to make trading decisions  

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