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Absolute classics speculation in foreign exchange books recommended

foreign exchange getforexrebates are an important learn highestrebateforexg tool that every investor needs, they can bring guidance for investors transactions, so if you want to succeed in foreign exchange trading, you should make full use of some classic books, today I will recommend a few books for you to speculate in foreign exchange must-read introductory books  1.John Murphy "financial Forexrebateforyou cashback forex analys rebateforexindonesia" & nbsp nbsp; John Murphy is a senior technical analyst, engaged in technical analysis for more than 30 years, his "Technical Analysis of Financial Markets" is regarded as a treasure trove of technical analysis  introductory book recommendations.png "width="309 "height="431"/>  This book is about the technical analysis of commodity futures, the main content has technical analysis The theoretical basis of technical analysis, Dow Theory, introduction to charts, basic concepts of trends, major reversal patterns, persistence patterns, trading volume Forex rebate for you position interest, long-term charts and commodity indices, moving averages, swing indices and contrary opinions, intra-day point charts, three-point turns and optimized point charts, Elliott Wave Theory, time cycles, etc.  The book was evaluated by the media as having excellent teaching materials, authoritative tools, practical The three main functions of the operation guide, especially from the practical operation, the use of illustrations vividly covered the financial, stock, energy, metals, precious metals and other markets, for students of finance is one of the must-read books  2. Steve • Nissen "Japanese Candlestick Charting Technique"     Steve • Nissen was the first to introduce the ancient Eastern Candlestick charting techniques introduced to the Western world of technical analysis masters, his "Japanese candlestick charting techniques" with John Murphys "technical analysis of futures markets," as the same, is regarded as a classic of the two in common is the objective attitude to technical analysis, the applicability of technical analysis and limitations of a detailed description of the  candlestick lines, also known as K lines, yin and yang lines, stick lines, red and black lines, is the daily stock of various This book uses the candlestick technique to analyze the so-called bull market or bear market in the securities market, and also teaches readers how to use the candlestick technique to see the best way to enter and exit the market. This book uses the candlestick technique to analyze the so-called bull or bear market in the securities market, and also teaches readers how to use the candlestick technique to see the best entry and exit periods of the market, and accurately grasp the market arteries This book combines the Japanese candlestick technique with the traditional Western technical tools to show the most practical technical analysis in front of the reader  3. He has been a money manager on Wall Street for a record 12 consecutive years of winning investments from 1978 to 1989, without any year of loss of the impressive record of his "Principles of Professional Speculation" in 1992 was named the best business book of the year by Business Week  "Principles of Professional Speculation" This book, in addition to the usual market knowledge, also contains a large number of psychology, economics, political science aspects knowledge, especially Victor has a deep understanding of economics, the nature of the economic cycle, which enables him to grasp the macroeconomic pulse, comfortable with speculative activities  book Victor summed up his years of success into three basic principles: to protect capital, consistency profit and the pursuit of excellence reward first professional investors to consider is to be able to survive in the market for a long time rather than profiteering second to consider trading The last requirement is that professional investors be consistent and consistently execute their trading systems and principles  4. This is a biographical novel about one of the most legendary figures in Wall Street history, one of the greatest stock and futures speculators Edwin • Lee Feiffer, the book describes the successes and failures of the manager in Lee Feiffers operating career, there is no shortage of classic experience and insights  This book is considered a classic by many traders, this is not a book that only teaches people how to speculate, although from which a large number of operating methods, analytical methods and details of the transaction so that people can benefit a lot This is also Not only is it a book about human weaknesses, although in this book speculators greed, fear, hope, desperation are expressed in the best way, the author of this book obviously wants people to see the stock market as an ecosystem of its own laws and laws  Lee Feiffers advice in the book is now very useful, such as the market is angry at you for no good, everything has two sides, but the stock market only The two authors of this book, Oliver Velez and Greg Capra, are the authors of the book; Capra) are the founders of Pristine Money Management, whose website was named the top online trading site in the world by Barrons consultancy   In this book, they focus on developing a trading psychology and provide ten trading tools and tactics traders can use to capture market opportunities with these technical analysis techniques The book is a great way for traders to gain exposure to the market and control risk by constantly repeating the three simple steps of market timing, chart analysis, and trade management to gain access to winning opportunities  6. Mark •Douglas "Trading Psychology Analysis"   Mark •Douglas is one of the few qualified trading psychology counselors and his book "Trading Psychology Analysis" is recommended by many for trading psychology analysis Classic   In the opinion of many readers this book is a trading winning formula, want to continue to profit trading players, need to understand the psychological attitudes explored in this book This book starts from explaining the root causes of trading behavior to talk, and then explain the various problems faced by traders finally explain what actions traders must take to embark on the road to confident trading  In the long run, the The market offers unlimited opportunities to all, but it is vital to maintain the right mindset when trading beckons you, so this book is ideal for those who are speculative in their efforts, but for those who like to study fundamentals and seek certainty, read this book to mature their trading mentality

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