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About the big trend against the small trend of some thinking

In cashback forexder to article conc Forex rebate for youe, this article unified with the up highestrebateforex example suggested in reading the brain to make up the chart rebateforexindonesia related patterns, easier to understand in the trend trading, when the large getforexrebate for more, the price retraced to the Forexrebateforyou below, enter to do more, stop loss set in the support below this is the trend traders commonly used way to give an example, when the 4-hour level is an uptrend, there is a retracement monitor 1 Hourly level when the price falls to the 1-hour level of support, after stabilization, more single entry this is with the 4-hour level of the big trend, against the 1-hour level of the small trend the advantages of this operation, is low stop loss, high profit because the stop loss is set in accordance with the 1-hour level, but up, the profit target is set according to the 4-hour level, the profit and loss ratio is very high the disadvantage of this method of operation is whether the support level is effective if If the support is weak, the price will hover at the support level for a long time to build up strength; even do not rule out a direct fall below the support level, triggering the stop loss of the single This situation, the traders judgment of the market trend is easy to be disturbed improvement method, is to monitor three cycles at the same time, when the smallest cycle and the largest cycle of the same signal, entry, for example, when the 4-hour level is an uptrend, there is a pullback Simultaneously monitor the 1-hour level and 15-minute level when the price falls to the 1-hour level support level after stabilization, the 15-minute level appears to break out of the oscillation range, or indicators appear to buy signals, more single entry this is with the big trend, against the trend, with the small trend this operation combines the advantages of a high profit and loss ratio, and further improve the accuracy rate, higher returns disadvantage is that when the trend is particularly strong, or support level is particularly strong When the price may be in the short term after touching the support level, immediately go back higher 15-minute level does not appear to do more signals, thus losing the opportunity to enter method one and method two have advantages and disadvantages, are currently the mainstream of trend traders use the method However, there is another problem is overlooked, but also why many people have difficulty grasping the trend of the reason for any trend formation, are from the small cycle, the parties continue to break through The low point is gradually moving up, the high point is getting higher and higher, and then the formation of a larger cycle of uptrend So, will the 4-hour level uptrend in the retracement, in fact, is the beginning of a new round of 4-hour level downtrend? The most direct solution is to study the fundamentals of the trend, there must be a fundamental impetus through the study of fundamental news, to determine whether the market is turning, the trend will probably go far and then based on the judgment to deal with their current positions, or close, or continue to hold positions to endure fluctuations, or even But not every trader can accurately judge the fundamentals of the same news or data placed in front of different traders, their respective understanding is not the same So, is there a technical way to avoid it? Yes, there is! But it is very complicated! The main look at the strength and scope of the retracement to see the strength of the retracement is also a retracement of 100 points, within an hour down, and three days down, the meaning is different an hour down 100 points, meaning that there will be more down space; three days slowly down, it may be when to go up to see the scope of the retracement of a large wave of trend, up 300 points, after a retracement of 50 points to stabilize, and retracement The significance of the 200-point stabilization is not the same callback 50-point stabilization, indicating that the long force is sufficient, can not wait to enter, do not care about the price; callback 200 points to stabilize, indicating that a large part of the previous long has been withdrawn, the new multiple forces that the price is too high, delayed entry, the market is weak regardless of whether to look at the pullback strength or look at the range of pullback, the technical side is passive verification only positions are swept Stop loss or pattern is completely broken after the ring, only gradually shift the direction of the transaction when the new trend has come out of a large wave of the market fundamentals is through the analysis of news or data, active verification but analysis errors can also cause losses only the combination of fundamentals and technical aspects, subjective analysis and market trends for each other, in order to better understand the market fluctuations, faster judgment of the trend shift, earn more money

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