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10 unconventional thinking to reveal the way professional traders make money

Almost all forex cashback forex want to know what professional traders have that you do Forexrebateforyou have, or any getforexrebate strategies you can not access to beat the rebateforexindonesias top secret plan really ex highestrebateforexts? A hedge fund CEO, former FT Financial Times columnist, who has responded to 300,000 + questions on Quora in the investment field, in many of the individual investors he has contacted, it is when the success Forex rebate for you failure, began to desperately hope to find those so-called top traders to disclose the strategy, but this does not work premise is that the market behavior is compatible, the market and the operation of the strategy is always In sync, so more often than not, you can only pay a smile usually, novices simply do not need a strategy, they need only experience only when the average trader, learn to think and trade like professionals, to analyze the market rationally, rather than addicted to the market, to wait until a high probability to do trade settings, rather than obsessed with emotional attachment to any of the position  ;1, spend a lot of time to analyze the market?NO! Professional traders do not do this! Perhaps you will attribute each loss to not enough analysis of market trends, or not access to key news sources due to… you always think of a set of theories or a few methods to analyze the market thoroughly, or even accurate to the point of rise and fall, happy to study the argument of the bottom and top… the market out of your predictions, all happy if the analysis is verified by the market is wrong This is the real picture of most traders, and the businessman has recently shared the trading tips of many professional traders, including Goldman Sachs main trader, CMTs US Chartered Market Technical Analyst with 11 years of experience, and full-time foreign exchange traders, etc. Compared to them, you may spend more time analyzing and thinking about the market. are well aware of their trading edge, they only analyze the market at their favorite point in time, probably the time period with high concentration and most habitual thinking, thus looking for their trading edge and then trading or temporarily leaving the market They are more aware of the nature of profitability is through a proven trading system, so that the large probability, profit-loss ratio to quantify the results of analysis of profitability, sustained profitability is not by analyzing the market In the face of profitable trading charts, in 1 minute you can see the stop-loss and take-profit points, waiting for what signal conversely, 5 seconds will not stay when you seriously start to analyze the market, you lose 2, often expect the market to come out of the market you want?NO! Professional traders only trade what they see! Many traders get into a situation where they care so much about specific things happening in the market that they believe the market will eventually go the way they want it to. They will only read the price action of the market using a completely natural form of focus to determine the most logical and likely near-term market direction and then find the price point setup that matches it If a trading pattern forms at a critical level of the market, this is the green light signal to engage in a trade Considering that there are only very few good signals each week, but it also takes a lot of time and patience to wait for a trading opportunity If no clear price pattern comes out, they will choose to go to the I dont use any indicators or confusing systems, I just trade through the original price chart," said a 15-year veteran full-time forex trader. At first, they will try as many trading systems, indicators and EAs as they can to find the holy grail of trading, and eventually either give up or start simplifying their trading Professional traders know how to make in-depth analysis on raw price charts Do you think they will keep their eyes on MACD, stochastics, Elliott Wave…? Obviously notThey basically just make trades based on pure price action, and on top of that, also use some moving averages to aid in the analysis of dynamic support, resistance, and trendsMany forex traders spend a lot of time on trend following and indicators, but this does not help you identify trends, but rather makes the process of trend spotting more difficultThe most basic idea for determining trends: In an uptrend, the The low is constantly raised, the high is constantly new highs; downtrend, the high is constantly lower, the low is constantly new lows 4, want to rely on EA or trading software profits?NO! Professional traders rely only on their brains! Fully automated trading, free your hands and brain, to overcome human weaknesses, to avoid emotional operations just entered the market traders, will be EAs perfect history of back-testing data and the promise of higher returns attracted to the past intelligent trading EA how profitable it is? This has also become a hot topic of discussion among investors today EAs core ability is to quantify and automate trading strategies, which means that an excellent EA requires a strong program development team and extremely rich foreign exchange experience masters to work together to make the price is also naturally not expensive, without certain channels and money, it is impossible to obtain Moreover, the rise and fall of the market and the flow, so that no computer program is Although there are professionals who use fundamental analysis, the vast majority of them do not need to rely on foreign exchange news and fundamentals, because all the variables are reflected in the market price behavior in advance. The majority of them do not rely on Forex news and fundamentals because all variables are reflected in the market price behavior in advance. Do you often venture into the market because of what certain experts say? The ability to make your own judgments in trading is essential, you must make your own decisions in trading, no one will be responsible for your money If you think your intuition is wrong, do not follow the advice of experts, trust what the charts tell you, not what any expert on the network says Professional traders, do not let other people influence their trading decisions 7, always have too much of an illusion about trading Professional traders are realists! If you are not very realistic about trading, you will not become a professional trader. Dont fantasize about being able to use a $5,000 account to get your full-time income from the market; or use your full-time income to bet on the foreign exchange market all you need to consider is how much disposable income you are trading now, and then determine the losses you can afford to take on each one and adjust your capital positions accordingly 8, never make a PlanB for your Professional traders dont go into battle with pressure! Most people who are good at trading dont feel that all their eggs are in the trading basket, and if the market doesnt make money, they arent homeless In essence, you have to have a PlanB that you can return to if you dont make a deal, which will naturally also increase your chances of success If you put too much pressure on yourself to win any one deal, then the whole trading process will only become more chaotic & nbsp nbsp;9, the success or failure of each trade is incredibly important?NO! Professional traders see the market as a game of probability! Many amateur traders tend to value every trade they make, but do not realize that every trade is just a way to execute their trading strategy. If you trade 3 to 4 times a week, you may have to wait 2 to 3 months to see the strategy pay off. The next trading decision to fully realize that in a series of transactions you play out the ability, which many traders simply will not pay attention to is also the gap between you and professional traders a method / theory of success in trading is only a probability, if you forget this probability and think you will win, is to push yourself into a dangerous situation 10, fine and complex strategy is the truth about profitable forex trading? NO! It is important to learn KISS! The acronym KISS stands for KeepItSimpleStupid which applies to any area of forex trading keep it simple forex trading not only refers to what we said before from the original price, to build a simple and clean price chart, but from the way you consider price movements to analyze price movements, the execution of transactions, change always keep all aspects of forex trading simple a simple and A simple and clean trading mindset + a simple and effective trading strategy that will take you a long way

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